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Elevate School Holiday Fun with Our Educational Adventures! Discover a world of engaging incursions designed to enrich your students' learning experiences during the school holidays. Explore our programs, plan your next adventure, and bring hands-on learning to your school during those well-deserved breaks. Let us be your partner in creating memorable educational experiences for your students, even during the holidays!

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Seesaw Engineer

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Our team is working diligently on developing new incursions!

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We are a group of individuals who passionate about providing unique and engaging courses for children. Our brand is dedicated to creating innovative educational experiences that ignite children's curiosity and foster their growth.

Our team of experienced educators and child development experts work tirelessly to design programs that are not only educational, but also fun and exciting for kids.

We are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment where children can explore, create, and discover. Our courses are carefully crafted to provide hands-on learning experiences that promote critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

We are not just another education company. We are a team of dedicated individuals who genuinely care about the well-being and development of each child. We believe in the power of education to shape the future, and we are dedicated to making a positive impact on children's lives.

Join us on this exciting journey as we inspire and empower children to reach their full potential!

 Children enjoyed making slime and were so engaged in the activity. The team was very well planned and step up very quickly. I highly recommend their work and want them to run the activity next holidays. 

Jasmeet Kaur

 The instructors were great with the kids. They gave clear and simple instructions. Kids were engaged and enjoyed the session. 

Samira Abdullahi

 Great fun for the children. Great course structure. The kids enjoyed it! Thanks guys! 

Jamine Kahrimanis
Wesley College

 Children were very engaged and had lots of fun, instructors were very helpful. 

Sarah Johns
Kilmore Primary School

 The team were great, fabulous communication with children. very organised. We highly recommend them. 

Saskia Malafu

 All children seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience. 

Larissa S. L
Ringwood North Primary School

Our service follows three satisfaction principles.

School Satisfaction

Our facilitators have more than 7 years of teaching experience and can independently lead children in activities, while on-site teachers only need to enjoy the fun experience with the children.

Children Satisfaction

We will bring fun and well-designed incursions for the children, and we will also focus on the development of STEAM skills while they are having fun.

Parent Satisfaction

We guarantee that in each activity, children are able to create and retain the products they have made. This makes it easier for parents to understand their children's learning outcomes and achievements through these products.

Contact us today to reserve a spot and let the fun begin.

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